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August 9, 2018
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August 22, 2018

Does cannabis oil have harmful side effects? A question we hear often and one we can easily answer. Cannabis oil has no harmful side effects and is already taking the world by storm for its medical values. More people are realising the positive healing effects of cannabis oil, instead of any harmful side effects.

No Harmful Side Effects With Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is unlike pharmaceutical medications which can have a detrimental impact on the body and mind. People can become more ill from their prescribed drugs, or even addicted to them. No one can get addicted to cannabis oil when it is given in the right doses and is made up of the right cannabinoids. No one can over dose on cannabis oil either.

Cannabis oil is an extract of more than 80 different cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. These chemical compounds are mostly medicinal, the most commonly used cannabinoids being cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Most people know that THC is banned in many countries because of its psychoactive qualities – it make the user high. But CBD is legal in many parts of the world because it has no side effects other than to heal illnesses and maintain health.

A Potent Natural Medication

So, scientists discovered that when they blended THC with CBD, the THC lost its psychoactive ability because the CBD is non-psychotic. The result is a potent medical cannabis that can cure many human conditions and even treat chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Some people who are gravely ill have managed to wean themselves off their chronic medication, to take cannabis oil instead. This means no side effects and a better immune health. Many prescription drugs tend to batter the immune system, damaging organs and encouraging dis-ease.

Taking cannabis oil if you are an addict or alcoholic can also assist with detoxing the body and stopping the addiction. Studies have shown how CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, decreasing inflammation caused by emotional upheavals, physical issues, diet, viruses and bacteria. Most autoimmune diseases start with inflammation and if this can be treated naturally, the patient can start to get better. CBD can also assist schizophrenic people to regain control of their thoughts and hallucinations.

Cannabis Oil is Side Effect Free

CBD and THC bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system, assisting the endocannabinoid system to maintain a status quo of homeostasis. Each person who chooses to take CBS has a different tolerance and needs differing doses of the natural medication. Ever patient should do their research and discuss their options with their doctor. CBD will not make you high or have any damaging side effects. Sure, it may make you drowsy, dry-eyed, a little low in blood pressure and very calm – but who is complaining? These are not the unwanted side effects that other pharmaceutical drugs can cause.

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