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September 5, 2018
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September 19, 2018

When people as us if it is safe and effective to use cannabis oil for dementia, we nod and say YES. You see, cannabis oil is a natural therapy that can be used safely and effectively on elderly people, children and even pets. It comes from the cannabis plant and we only use organic oils and organic carrier oils.

Use Cannabis Oil for Safe and Effective Treatment of Dementia

Cannabis oil comprises hundreds of cannabinoids which have healing properties. We use the two most common cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is known to make the user feel high as it is psychoactive but CBD is not at all psychoactive and has no negative side effects. When CBD and THC are blended, the THC loses its psychoactive qualities and the blend is a potent healing panacea. Using cannabis oil regularly and constantly can alleviate symptoms of dementia and even reverse these in the long term.

CBD and THC Can Help Dementia Patients

Tests done using THC for Alzheimer’s found that small doses of this cannabinoid can slow down the  creation of beta-amyloid proteins, known to contribute to the ongoing degradation of the brain in Alzheimer’s. These amyloid plaques are toxic. CBD is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and can also be used to fight the inflammation in the brain, a symptom of dementia, and to reduce the oxidative stress in the nerve cells too. CBD can also be used to relieve some of the effects of dementia such as aggression, fear, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, insomnia and pain.  CBD is a natural anti-depressant and pain reliever. Researchers have concluded that it is safe and effective to use cannabis oil for dementia, and that both THC and CBD have important roles to play in managing this disease of the brain and heart.

CBD is Safe and Effective Against Dementia

Studies show that CBD can help treat dementia patients as it is an anti-inflammatory and reduces inflammation in the brain, it is an antioxidant and helps decrease the accumulation of oxygen in the brain and it stimulates the brain and protects brain cells from damage. It can also slow down memory loss and assist with anxiety. CBD can promote growth and development of brain cells. CBD has been shown to stimulate cannabinoid receptors in the brain which help assist blood flow to the brain from the heart.

Dementia is a complex set of symptoms related to varying types of the disease. It is a neuro-degenerative disease where memory loss is the main symptom and which has many causes.

Some types of dementia include:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease – brain cells are damaged and die causing memory loss, speech issues, hallucinations and anxiety
  • Vascular Dementia – hindered blood flow to the brain because of heart issues such as strokes
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies – abnormal deposits of alpha-synuclein proteins in the brain causing movement and behavioural issues
  • Parkinson’s Disease – the nervous system progressively degrades showing movement problems then mental issues
  • Pick’s Disease – the brain’s frontal lobes deteriorate and cause depression and psychosis
  • Huntingdon’s Disease – inherited dementia when brain cells die

High, ongoing doses of CBD and THC can be used to treat dementia in safe and effective ways. Chat to your doctor about this and then ask us more about the cannabis oil you need for dementia.


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