Aphrodite Organic Night Healing Cream

Face cream that wipes your acne, rash, redness and dryness overnight!
You will look better, more radiant and able to take on anything that comes your way!

No acne in days!

Step out of your comfort zone and try the all-new Aphrodite Organic Night Healing Cream. Our regenerative formula is the hot new product in the face cream market.

Essential Organic Miracle Cream for Rejuvenated Skin

We Care About Your Skin – Our Tried and Tested Anti-Aging Cream Works Wonders
Are you looking for a great face cream to add to your skin-care regime? We recommend Aphrodite Organic Night Healing Cream - our new cannabis-based night cream. The ideal addition to your daily cosmetic routine.

“I can't believe my skin is looking so good. I'm 42 years old and people say I look 30! Dry patches and redness - all gone in less than a month!”

Kate from Cape Town

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“I can't believe this product! It cleared my skin within 2 weeks! I had bad breakouts all the time, now it's so much better.”

Barbara from Hermanus

“This new cannabis cream is a brilliant healing balm that suits my skin. It suits my budget too. I use it every night and now people comment on my skin and ask me what I am using. I love it and the cream lasts for 4 months!!”

Alice from Bloemfontein

“When I use Aphrodite night cream, it sinks straight into my skin and in the morning I feel as if I am glowing. My skin feels bouncy and shiny and I also feel so much better when I look in the mirror.”

Viv from Durban

“A little goes a long way so my new night cream lasts so much longer. And it really works, without clogging my pores. I love smoothing Aphrodite into my face skin every night as it gets me ready for a good sleep and has this amazing aroma too. My skin definitely has improved.”

Gill from Johannesburg.

Apply organic night cream on your skin tonight.

  • A rich organic moisturizer packed with anti-oxidants for your skin.
  • The best acne fighter due anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis.
  • Repairs aging skin, replenishes moisture and smooths out all those wrinkles.
  • The best facelift in a tub with everlasting results.
  • Smooth away the stresses of the day.
  • Extraordinary ingredients for extraordinary people.

Stop aging in its tracks! Buy our brand-new miracle face cream and see the new you emerge in days.

Feel fresh and rejuvenated the next day after a great sleep when you use Aphrodite Organic Night Healing Cream.

Spoil yourself with our luxurious organic miracle cream, perfect for the older skin. A natural lotion brimming with easily absorbed nutrients, organic ingredients and essential oils that your skin will readily soak up
We guarantee that from the first morning after the night you use our miracle cream, your face looks different – younger, moistened, de-stressed and re-energised.

We named our new miracle night cream after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite – the ancient goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. Her main symbols are roses, doves, sparrows, swans and myrtles. Aphrodite is identified with the planet Venus, which is named after the goddess Venus, with whom Aphrodite was secretly reconciled.

The person who chooses our cannabis-based night healing cream will love its ground-breaking texture which does not leave an oily residue on her skin. Instead, Aphrodite loves your skin, reducing signs of aging and fatigue.
Your skin will feel rehydrated, younger and suppler. You will look younger, more radiant and able to take on anything that comes your way!


Could Cannabis Be the Best Ingredient in Skin Care Products this Decade?

Cannabis derivatives are the new therapy. Cannabis oils, cannabis creams, cannabis capsules and cannabis tinctures are slowly but surely entering the beauty market. Will cannabis become the best ingredient in skin care products this decade? We think so! Topical cannabis oil treatments are emerging daily, all unique, most organic and many with the ability to relieve pain, aging and discolouration. Using a cannabis oil topical starts as part of a daily health and beauty regime. Use it externally for a healthy skin, and internally for a balanced immune system. Remember that a healthy mind benefits a healthy body and vice versa. Taking cannabis oil for mental issues like stress and depression will also assist with quality sleep, better appetite and a positive approach to life. The skin benefits from all of these and more.

Cannabis Oil Beauty Products are Hot and available in South Africa! 

The beauty industry is catching on – cannabis oil is THE trendy ingredient for new beauty products that promise anti-aging effects. Using plant-derived, natural and organic ingredients is even better as the movement against cruelty to animals gains a new force. Beauty products are linking their attraction to the wellness industry, to nature and to trends in saving the planet. Cannabis creams, balms and other topicals are increasingly attractive to women as a beauty product they must have.

How do Cannabinoids Help Your Skin?

Cannabis contains cannabinoids, chemical compounds, which have natural healing properties. The most common of these are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which both offer enormous pain and anti-inflammatory benefits. While THC is psychoactive and makes the user high, when used in a cream, it simply heals the pain and does not have any such side effects. Blending THC with CBD is the answer for a potent topical that addresses arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and acne. Even sporty people are turning to CBD for their aches and pains, injuries and fitness maintenance.

CBD for Inflammation and Skin Disorders

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD ensure it cures acne, psoriasis and other itchy skin disorders. It is fascinating to note that the body’s endocannabinoid system consists of many cannabinoid receptors distributed throughout the skin. CB1 receptors are found on nerves running through the skin and hair. The endocannabinoid system is involved in assisting skin to mature. Scientists found that blocking the CB2 receptors helped to decrease inflammation in the skin. Using CBD and THC is very effective as these cannabinoids cling to the right receptors to reduce pain and inflammation. They do not affect receptors in the brain therefore there is no high and they go straight to the source of the problem. CBD can also contribute to the rejuvenation of healthy basal cells which need to grow and renew. In addition, the oil’s natural unsaturated fatty acids moisturise the skin, it is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-bacterial qualities.

Consumers Need to Know More about Cannabis Beauty Products

Educating consumers is vital if beauty products are to be snapped up off the shelves. Many people are wary about cannabis thanks to its bad name years ago when THC was banned for misuse and abuse of the high it causes. Today, however, medical cannabis has made a huge comeback and beauty products containing cannabis oil are finding their place in the competitive beauty market.

Find Relief from Skin Diseases with Cannabis Oil

For those suffering skin conditions and diseases, cannabis oil is ideal for reducing inflammation and pain, and improving the aesthetics of the skin. Those with psoriasis can relax and try CBD which can stop the multiplication of keratinocytes. These proteins make up the skin’s outer layer and in the case of psoriasis, they grow too fast, forcing the skin to change too fast, shedding old cells in huge flakes of skin. Cannabinoids activate certain receptors in the skin and hinder the rapid reproduction of the skin cells. More people are experimenting with CBD products, moving away from harsher prescribed medicines that often have damaging side effects. Get educated and get out there. Try a new cannabis infused topical for your skin. Share your success stories far and wide when you see and feel the benefits of cannabis oil creams on your skin! Yes, cannabis oil is good for your skin! Get this new natural remedy today – see and feel the difference in your skin.

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