September 25, 2018

Why Should I Use Cannabis Oil and Does it Work Well?

Why should you use cannabis oil? A good question. It will take a few sentences to convince you that this is a natural therapy that can replace conventional medications. Cannabis oil can replace those side effects with a sense of calm and wellness. If you have side effects from your medication that your doctor prescribed, think again. Cannabis oil works well to heal your conditions and to leave you feeling so much better. It improves the quality of life – people with cancer who are taking chemotherapy can take cannabis oil to relieve the many symptoms of this heavy medication. […]
August 9, 2018

How Can You Source Cannabis Oil Online for Lupus?

The fact that you can now source cannabis oil online for lupus is true and just how you do this is easy. Panacea Oils supplies the best cannabis oil products for your health. We ensure that what you source online for your lupus is top class cannabis oil. We believe that cannabis derivatives are the new therapy. Cannabis oils, cannabis creams, cannabis capsules and cannabis tinctures are slowly but surely entering the beauty market. Will cannabis become the best ingredient in skin care products this decade? We think so! So, how will you source cannabis oil online for lupus? Right […]
July 12, 2018

Will Cannabis Oil Benefit My Sleep Issues?

Are you struggling to sleep at night and are you wondering if cannabis oil will benefit your sleep issues? This a good question asked by many more people these days who are seeking alternative natural healing therapies. Sleep issues are a common problem in our busy westernized culture of working and playing too hard. We create our own stresses and do not know how to deal with these. it is sad that in the UK alone, up to a third of the population battles to sleep at night. Will cannabis oil benefit your sleep issues? Yes, definitely. Cannabis Oil Does […]
June 5, 2018

Why is Coconut Oil Extraction the Best Method for Cannabis Oil Consumption?

The three main extraction methods for cannabis oil are coconut oil extraction, butane extraction and CO2 extraction. Coconut oil is a far healthier method to use. Why is this? Coconut Oil is Very Healthy Researchers in South America have found that people who choose extra-virgin cold pressed coconut oil in their diets are enhancing their good HDL cholesterol. This cholesterol is good for you as it reduces heart disease. Adding the right amount of coconut oil to your diet helps you to lose weight, especially around your middle. Almost half of our cell membranes comprise saturated fatty acids which help […]